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Brand new workouts daily

Coach-programmed, effectively varied, so you’re never bored.

Pre-programmed timers

Built-in and individualized for every workout, you just have to press start.

Built-in exercise demos

High quality videos to help you prepare workouts at ease.

Visualize your progress

Track your strength and endurance gains, and see exactly how hard you’ve been working.

Connect with an active community

Find joy in your exercise journey, it’s never been easier to stay motivated!

Everything you need in one app

Intelligent programming. Intuitively designed. AI-powered.

Experience a training program that is challenging, effective, and energizing. An exercise journey that is seamless, undistracted, and focused on just you and your goals. You’re no longer second-guessing if it works, you’ll see right away that it does. Expect to gain usable and visible muscle, build healthy joints moving through their full range, and develop a cardiovascular engine that will help you live life large!


Daily training programs

Our daily programming is intentionally planned to help you cover all your functional bases. Find the right mix of variety and routine, strength and intensity. Workouts that will leave you feeling energized and never exhausted. Programming so meticulously crafted, that it feels like personal training, available to you at a fraction of it’s cost.

Personalized functional profile

View your unique functional profile based on your workout history generated through our proprietary AI algorithm, to help you stay well-rounded across all dimensions of physical fitness. Like we said, we’re programming to cover all your functional bases, and you’ll be able to see for yourself on-demand.

Seamless workout experience

Everything you need to accomplish a great workout is right at your fingertips. Prepare workouts at ease with our fully-integrated exercise demos, pre-programmed timers, and coach tips for the thinking athletes. Easily keep track of your sets, reps, and rounds, so that all you need to do is focus on moving well and getting fitter!

Visualize your progress

Stay on top of metrics of physical fitness that actually matter. View global leaderboards for every workout, measure and visualize progress across all your main lifts, endurance times, and numbers that speak volumes about the efficacy of your training. Staying motivated will never be a problem again.

Great workouts everyday, backed up with great tips and easy to follow videos. Would highly recommend!

Dan CorryGame Changer

Get a great kettlebell or two and a couple of dumbbells. Round that out with this app and you have everything you could need to do functional fitness training anywhere! Home, hotel rooms, or your patio - wherever you are can become your new feel-good space with Rise. I love the ability to save and look at old workouts because this developer creates new content daily. The built in movement library and timer that work while letting me play my own music makes this my favorite way to work out when I can’t be at the gym with my favorite people. You can try other apps, but there is no need!

Tara NeffEverything you could need!

Get ready to have the best 1 hour of your day! Dont miss to train with Rise!

Rama131One of the best

I’ve tried many different fitness programs but this has been the first one where I’ve really seen results and can stick to. I feel fitter, healthier and really enjoy each daily work out. One of the first things I do in the morning is check out what that days work out entails. Great app, varied workouts with clear guidance and explanations.


This app has been a complete godsend for me, a busy teacher and mother of two! With a fresh workout everyday that includes both strength and conditioning - I am never bored and constantly challenged! I get everything I need in 30-35 minutes a day! And I can do it in the comfort of my own home or at the gym with minimal equipment! I love the emphasis on quality movement. I feel myself improving every day- becoming more physically and mentally strong, while surrounded by a super encouraging community of everyday athletes. Highly recommend to anyone looking to gain strength, improve their fitness in the company of wonderful and like-minded people from all around the world!

CJLorenceFunctional Fitness for the Everyday Athlete

This is the only fitness APP you will ever need! The workouts are fun, challenging, and teach you a lot of technical skills. If you stay consistent, you’ll see amazing results with your strength and overall fitness.

myra_mfwBest workout app

The APP is easy to use with a timer, clear demonstrations and tips. Effective and well programmed workouts that keep you on track.

Terri MaverickExcellent

The Rise app gives a new workout everyday to target different areas of of strength and conditioning. I have never done the same workout twice and all I needed was a kettle bell to get started. I love the new benchmarking tracker to keep my goals insight and see how far I’ve come. Could not recommend this app more to anyone trying to get a good workout in at home with limited equipment, space, and time.

Becks MeredithEverything you could want from a workout app!

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